Magic Rainbow Sandpits With Box Seat

Integral Storage

Here is a sandpit with a built in storage box at one end which doubles as a seat. The box is 1500 W x 520 D x 450 H. The lid lifts up to store sandpit toys in and is strong enough to jump on.

Sandpit with box seat

Sandpit with box seat

Two standard sizes

We make the 1500 x 1500 sandpit and 1500 x 2000 sandpit with a box seat. The sizes are the sandpit size, the box adds another 500mm to the overall length of the sandpit. As with anything else we do, we will custom build to any dimension.

The sandpit is 290 high with 250mm sand.

Same Standard Design

Still made from macrocarpa with stainless fasteners. The box is not guaranteed to be completely waterproof but should be fine for all sandpit toys.

Sandpit with box seat


For sandpits delivered within greater Auckland region and installed with sand:

For kitset sandpits sold ex workshop:

All prices include GST.

Kitsets include everything except sand. Assembly is required but all fittings and clear instructions are supplied. You will need a pozidrive screwdriver, we supply a 4mm allen key. If you don’t have a pozidriver, let us know when you order so we can organise something for you. We also make kitsets to any size.


We ship throughout New Zealand, but can no longer maintained fixed prices for freight. If you live outside Auckland please contact us and we will happily provide a quote for freight.

Delivery time

We can normally deliver sandpits within 5 working days. Even the odd sized sandpits can usually be delivered within this time. However, leading up to Christmas the available time slots for delivery always seem more limited. We take advance orders for specific delivery days such as birthdays, and you don’t have to pay any sort of deposit to hold that booking day.

General Installation

Our sandpits can go on any reasonably level area of ground. They will happily sit on grass, bark, pavers or wooden decking. Allow about 100mm clearance all round to get the cover on and off. If placing on a deck, you may need to limit the sand to about 100mm deep depending on what code your deck was built to. Ring us for more details. For sandpits on sloping ground we dig in to the slope to make a level area for the sandpit to sit on. You can’t sit a sandpit on a steeply sloping section without building a retaining wall behind the sandpit.

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