Magic Rainbow Indoor and Garage Shelves


Semi modular construction of standard width and depth shelves. The top and bottom shelves are fixed with 8 bolts to provide bracing, the centre shelves are fixed with 4 bolts.

For safety, shelves should always be screwed back to the wall, in which case the top shelf needn’t be a braced shelf.

Solid wood shelving for practical storage shelving inside, in rumpus rooms, garages and sheds.


Made from solid pine with a coat of polyurethane, and securely bolted together.

Each shelf is strengthened at the sides and back to increase the weight the shelf can carry




The overall width of the unit can be from 400 wide to 1500 wide in increments of 100mm, the actual width of the shelves are 38mm narrower.

Depths available are 185mm, 285mm, 370mm, 470mm and 570mm (actual depths).

We drill the corner posts to suit the shelf heights required, but they can be redrilled to change the shelf height.

Common sizes


5 shelves, 1500 wide, 1200 high, 180 deep — $420

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