Frequently Asked Questions

* Why macrocarpa?

We like it because has a nice clear fresh look to it. We mostly use clears (no knots), but when there are knots in the wood macrocarpa has some lovely swirly patterns. We also oil our wood with decking oil which has a pigment which helps to bring out the grain of the wood (and helps protect it). Finally, it lasts much longer than pine, having it’s own natural preservatives.

* But what’s wrong with treated pine?

Treated pine has its uses, especially for building work. However as parents we are a bit nervous about having children’s toys and furniture which are treated with boron, arsenic and copper chromate. We still happily build decks and fences with CCA treated pine.

* How can we re-oil your products?

Hose, scrub or waterblast the furniture first. Note: if the wood has started to turn grey, this can’t be washed off - it is actually oxidation inside the wood cells. We leave the wood to dry thoroughly in the sun for a couple of days, then liberally apply the oil with a cloth or brush. Let the oil soak in for an hour, then wipe off the excess with a clean dry cloth.

* But what if we don’t?

Untreated, the wood turns a silvery grey. Some people like this, others don’t. If you don’t, talk to us about getting your furniture stained, then it will only need restaining every few years.

* Can I paint them?

Macrocarpa can be painted the same as any other wood, but if it has been oiled you will need to thoroughly remove the oil first. (If we were providing painted furniture, we would make it from treated pine. However, if the furniture has been left outside untreated for a few years, a couple of coats of paint would brighten it up).

* Doesn’t macrocarpa split?

Macrocarpa can split as it dries out. Our furniture is made from well dried timber, and we try to pick out any pieces that look like they will split as we make the furniture, so you shouldn’t have any problems. If you do, give us a call and we’ll see what we can do.

* Do you offer a warranty?

We provide a one year warranty on workmanship. However, if you have any concerns at all please don’t hesitate to contact us.

* The small table looks too small/the big table looks too big!

We find the small BBQ table suits 2-4 year olds best, and the larger table suits 4-6 year olds best. With only two children, they will still use the small table even when they’re 7, and we see 2 year olds happily sitting at the larger table. So, if you’ve a small deck and a small number of small kids, get the small table, otherwise the bigger table is the better buy.

* How long does it take to get a sandpit delivered?

We usually deliver within 5 working days (except leading up to Christmas). We try to arrange a delivery day and time that suits you when you place an order. There is no booking fee for arranging delivery months in advance, even if you haven’t decided exactly what you’re buying. If you order more than a week ahead, we try to ring you the night before the agreed delivery date to confirm if the time still suits you. You’re welcome to ring us at any time if things change (as we know it does when you have kids).

* What about different sized sandpits?

If you have a place in the garden where a sandpit would look right, it is best to size the sandpit to the garden, rather than second guess what the kids would like best. We don’t charge a premium to build non standard sized sandpits.

* If we move, can we take our sandpit?

Yes. The sandpit sits straight on the ground. You must dig out the sand and put it in a trailer (don’t rely on the liner to take the weight of the sand) then sit the empty sandpit and liner on the trailer, tie it down, and take it away. just put something heavy inside to stop the liner flapping around in the breeze (a couple of buckets of sand would do.) Put the cover and cross beams in the boot, you don’t want those flying away.

* Where can I buy sand for my sandpit?

We’ve only just decided to start a list of sand suppliers, so if there is a supplier you know of not here, please send us an email and let us know thanks.


Glen Eden Landscape and Supplies
293 West Coast Rd, Glen Eden
Phone 818 6129

Rosedale Landscape Supplies
4 Henry Rose Place, Albany
Phone 415 9621


24 Takapu Rd, Grenada North
Phone 04 232 2288

Plimmerton Landscaping Supplies Ltd
Ulric St, Plimmerton
Phone 04 233 8105

* How can I print these pages without a printer?

Just email us, and we’ll post you a copy.

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